Keaton at Provo Temple

Keaton at Provo Temple

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hola familia!

This week has been pretty neat. I'll be looking forward to the package
you're sending.

Diabetes wise - all I need are glucose tablets. Weather wise- all I
need are sweaters, but I may just buy some myself with my personal
debit card than ask you for some.

This last Sunday we went to a bonfire or "Testimony Meeting" with
heaps of missionaries and some investigators. I bore my testimony in
front of the bonfire (no big deal, piece of cake) and so did some
investigators. Really an awesome and spiritual experience!  I attached
the photos to this email.

So next time I write you, which is next Monday, A.C will be
baptized! And I'll have finally preformed my first baptism! Woohoo!

We had the trunk or treat this Friday. Didn't get any photos, unfortunately.

Glad to hear you're all doing fine! Gotta get going so this is short!

Take care!

Elder Montgomery

October 20, 2014

Hello familia!
This week has been really sweet. The days are getting colder! It barely peeks the 50's now and usually resides within the 40's most of the day. As a Zonie (which is slang for an Arizonan here) I have to say this "cold" stuff is all new to me.

Saturday we proselyted all day at our local Wal-mart from nine to five (a typical eight hour shift). We stood at the entrances of Wal-mart and passed out hundreds and hundreds of pass-along cards. It was pouring when we first started (we had BoMs on tables to pass out and some of us had to hold umbrellas over them to keep them from getting soaked) but we all prayed it would clear up and it did an hour later! I looked at the weather forecast and it was supposed to keep raining until the mid-afternoon but it stopped raining at 11. That was a huge blessing. We received some sweet PNI's that we can now follow-up on. The Lord's work just got busy!

A.C. is still on date for November 1st - and I'll be the one performing the baptism. I'm excited. She's kept every single committment we've given her. The commandments we've invited her to keep she's already been keeping. The Word of Wisdom? She's abstained from coffee and alcohol since before she met us. Scripture study and praying? She's been doing it better than I was before my mission. I don't believe I'll run into an investigator like her again.

Thank you so much for the packages! We made the carrot cake on my birthday and had a blast :)

Brother Stuart treated us for lunch on my birthday at this restaurant called "Just Like Italy" which is one of the best non-chain restaurants here. Their pizza is awesome. You can tell Daniel and Brittni it's in Waukegan, off on Delany (it's in Delany Square) which is just between Sunset and Grand ave. Whether or not they go there, I just want to reccommend it anyway.

I have so many ties now I look forward to wearing them all :) tell Nana thank you for her birthday card and ties. I sent her a letter in the mail which she should be receiving soon.
Take care family and I love you all!

Elder Montgomery


October 13, 2014 - Happy Birthday!

Yeah, so I actually mentioned it was my birthday coming up to Brother Stuart, a member in Gurnee 1st Ward, and now he's told everybody (in secret) it's my birthday... which has doomed me to many gifts and birthday salutations! Aw geez, it's a nightmare.

Haha not really :) but I'm super pumped for my birthday! This Sunday I was called, for the last five minutes of church, to help with the primary. It wasn't really unheard of, because Bro. Stuart usually needs help with his "ducklings" he teaches in primary, but with only five minutes left before church concluded was a bit bizarre.  So Elder Alvey and I go into the primary and bam, I'm called into the front of the room, and all the kids sang happy birthday to me. It was a neat experience haha.

Another neat experience happened on Saturday: a blood drive! We had a blood drive in our church and all the missionaries that were eligible donated blood. Elder Alvey couldn't because he had Appendicitis just a few weeks ago and needed surgery. I was concerned my Diabetes would restrict me, but they said as long as it was under control, it was fine. Which it was (don't worry mom, I'm taking care of myself).

I actually donated twice the standard amount, which the procedure to do that is something I've never heard of before. So they take out your blood, and you're sitting there for close to 30 minutes with this needle in your arm, and they run your blood through a machine. The machine spins rapidly and I guess it separates your red blood cells from your white blood cells and divides them into separate bags. Then the white blood cells (a yellowish liquid) goes back inside of me along with some H2O. This way they can take out more blood from me without making me sick and without becoming dehydrated. Hurray for science! I can't donate again until February, which stinks. I feel fine right now - take some more, why don't you?? Just kidding :)

Have you seen Meet the Mormons, yet? All of us missionaries were allowed to see it on Wednesday the 8th - TWO DAYS before it was actually released in theaters. It's awesome to be a missionary - you earn bragging rights. :) Please go out and see it in theaters; it's awesome! You learn the touching stories of several families, and at the end of it you're laughing or crying or feeling all giddy inside from all the different emotions. It's a roller coaster but it's awesome.

Well not much to report on the missionary service. A.C. is on date for November 1st still. We talked about the Word of Wisdom with her and she was already living it, so it was a breeze. She's a solid investigator, the best Elder Alvey has ever had on his mission (and I guess for me too, but I haven't been out for long). She already finished reading the Book of Mormon!

It's going to rain today - very very cold rain. Not freezing rain, but cold nonetheless. Hurrah for trials! This coming winter is going to be a blast.

Take care and thank you for sending packages for my birthday! I appreciate it and can't wait to receive them. I love you all!

-Elder Montgomery
The Primary singing Happy Birthday to a surprised Elder Montgomery! :-)

October 6, 2014

Hello familia!

This has been the first week I've been with my companion, Elder Alvey.
He's from Hanksville, Utah (close to the four corners so it's not near
Salt Lake). He was a wrestler in high school and man, I've been
comparing him to a truck. A truck with 454 HP. He's an awesome
missionary though. He has a strong testimony and is surprisingly
catching on to the members' names and everything.

Love, Elder Montgomery

September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hello familia!

This week was pretty fun. Exhausting week, too. Now, don't tell any of my girlfriends this (just kidding, I have no girlfriends), but I actually worked out every day this week! Woohoo! Didn't go to the gym a single time, but man, everyday we had service! We basically went chopping up a stump, removing the stump, digging out a bush, chopping up wood, and helping someone move into their apartment (on the third floor - with only stairs - and they had a massive couch). Don't worry, though, I went to the gym today so I continue to stay in shape :)

A lot has happened this week, too. We got to meet with some new investigators, we got to teach A.C. (the new referral that's been to church twice now). I invited her to baptisms for November 8th, but due to some complications with the date for her, we pushed it to November 1st. She's awesome. I have no doubt she'll make it. Then again, I had high hopes for J.H. to be baptized, except the next time we met he told us baptisms wasn't for him. So we'll see!

I also have some bad news. It's Fall here, and it's beginning to turn red and orange everywhere, and ya'll won't be here to enjoy it.

I'll try to send a picture or two when all the trees turn completely orange and red :) it's not there yet, but it's coming. Being from Arizona, I can honestly say this is the first time I've actually been somewhere long enough to see the effects of Fall. Arizona just has the hot season and the hotter season.

Transfers are coming this Tuesday. Elder Robbins is heading over to Westchester, which is part of South Chicago on the more western side. Elder Alvey will be my new companion. I already know Elder Alvey because we met during the temple trip, not to mention Elder Kircher, who was Elder Robbins' first companion in this area in the Buffalo Grove Stake, is Elder Alvey's current companion, so when we went to the temple, it was Elder Kircher and Alvey and Elder Robbins and I. Elder Alvey is a great elder, so I'm stoked.

To answer your questions: yes, I got the package

I loved it. Very very generous! It was 81 degrees today so the winter stuff is going to be in storage for a while.

Blood sugars are a-okay. Not perfect, but decent. I have my high days and my low days, but it's manageable.

If I could ask one question: is my piano sheet music still around? I forgot all the renditions I learned back home and would love if, in the next package, you could send it? I understand if it's lost or destroyed, I wouldn't bother. If it's not, I'd like to get back to playing them!

-Elder Montgomery

September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hello family!

Thanks for writing, dad :) everything has been real nice up here. It's official fall now. What is fall? I don't even know. I've lived in Arizona my whole life and only know about the "hot season" and the "hotter season." All the trees are slowly turning red and orange, though!

Elder Robbins and I went to Waukegan Harbor this week at sunrise. Took heaps of pics! It was gorgeous haha

Turns out we have nobody on date for baptism anymore. M.S. is now on the streets because T.L. (his fiancée) is in jail.

Won't provide details but just know that it's hectic and yeah...

J.H. told us he loves our company but will not convert because he does not believe we need to work our way into heaven. We tried to explain to him the Plan of Salvation and everything... but I don't believe it's clicked at all. I'm praying that he has a spiritual witness that this church is true because I know he has the capacity to believe - he just needs to put forth the effort.

My first three months is almost finished (transfers this coming Saturday) and I have not had any baptisms nor is anyone on date. I don't really feel discouraged though; the fact that they do not want to accept the gospel is part of their agency and, me as a missionary, I respect that. I bear witness it is true, though, and I continually pray they, as in all my investigators, will see the brighter side to our church. All I can do is continue to have patience.

I'll be giving an hour and a half lesson on faith tonight for FHE...
and it's going to be all impromptu (except for my planning, of course). I'm sure I'll butcher it but everybody is so loving I guess I'll be okay :)

Please take care family, and please mom, take it easy! Get the men in the house to do EVERYTHING; as a representative of Jesus Christ, I declare it as law!

Love you a lot and continue to love on another!

-Elder Montgomery