Keaton at Provo Temple

Keaton at Provo Temple

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 13, 2014 - Happy Birthday!

Yeah, so I actually mentioned it was my birthday coming up to Brother Stuart, a member in Gurnee 1st Ward, and now he's told everybody (in secret) it's my birthday... which has doomed me to many gifts and birthday salutations! Aw geez, it's a nightmare.

Haha not really :) but I'm super pumped for my birthday! This Sunday I was called, for the last five minutes of church, to help with the primary. It wasn't really unheard of, because Bro. Stuart usually needs help with his "ducklings" he teaches in primary, but with only five minutes left before church concluded was a bit bizarre.  So Elder Alvey and I go into the primary and bam, I'm called into the front of the room, and all the kids sang happy birthday to me. It was a neat experience haha.

Another neat experience happened on Saturday: a blood drive! We had a blood drive in our church and all the missionaries that were eligible donated blood. Elder Alvey couldn't because he had Appendicitis just a few weeks ago and needed surgery. I was concerned my Diabetes would restrict me, but they said as long as it was under control, it was fine. Which it was (don't worry mom, I'm taking care of myself).

I actually donated twice the standard amount, which the procedure to do that is something I've never heard of before. So they take out your blood, and you're sitting there for close to 30 minutes with this needle in your arm, and they run your blood through a machine. The machine spins rapidly and I guess it separates your red blood cells from your white blood cells and divides them into separate bags. Then the white blood cells (a yellowish liquid) goes back inside of me along with some H2O. This way they can take out more blood from me without making me sick and without becoming dehydrated. Hurray for science! I can't donate again until February, which stinks. I feel fine right now - take some more, why don't you?? Just kidding :)

Have you seen Meet the Mormons, yet? All of us missionaries were allowed to see it on Wednesday the 8th - TWO DAYS before it was actually released in theaters. It's awesome to be a missionary - you earn bragging rights. :) Please go out and see it in theaters; it's awesome! You learn the touching stories of several families, and at the end of it you're laughing or crying or feeling all giddy inside from all the different emotions. It's a roller coaster but it's awesome.

Well not much to report on the missionary service. A.C. is on date for November 1st still. We talked about the Word of Wisdom with her and she was already living it, so it was a breeze. She's a solid investigator, the best Elder Alvey has ever had on his mission (and I guess for me too, but I haven't been out for long). She already finished reading the Book of Mormon!

It's going to rain today - very very cold rain. Not freezing rain, but cold nonetheless. Hurrah for trials! This coming winter is going to be a blast.

Take care and thank you for sending packages for my birthday! I appreciate it and can't wait to receive them. I love you all!

-Elder Montgomery
The Primary singing Happy Birthday to a surprised Elder Montgomery! :-)

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