Keaton at Provo Temple

Keaton at Provo Temple

Friday, August 1, 2014

June 28, 2014

June 28, 2014
Hey Mom,

As I believe I've stated before, I'm in the Buffalo Grove Stake (or did I forget to mention that?) so when Daniel says he wants bump into me in Chicago, the bad news is that I'm way up north in the Waukegan/Gurnee area. Six Flags, though, is in Gurnee and I pass by it every day. I'll try to keep an eye out for him.

Brother ***** is a great member here; he's joined us in several member-missionary lessons with other investigators/less-actives. I'm not sure if he talked to you about his mission, but he served in the San Diego, California mission a long time ago (he's 59 years-old now) and said he served in Yuma for several months. He's like the only person here who knows what it's like to live in Arizona!

Not much news up here, though. ***** wants to be baptized because it's "new" and "exciting" but not because he has that devotion to Jesus Christ and God. We really need to just plant that in his head that this is more than a "be baptized and you're saved" type of deal - it's a commitment for life.

We were with ***** and his son, *****, yesterday and went tracting to less-active member homes. It was at our first house (that Elder Robbins felt we should go first) that we actually ran into a carpenter that was working on a house two houses from where we were "supposed" to go. We just casually introduced ourselves to him because hey, open your mouth, right? We didn't expect to talk to him for more than a minute, and amazingly, he was receptive to our message. He was really just a broken down man thirsting for some spiritual guidance. When I hear about the "elect", or those that are ready to receive our message, he is a golden example. We talked to him for about an hour before the Spanish Missionaries we contacted showed up. I'm optimistic that he'll be okay.

 Anyway, that's my spiritual thought for today. Always remember - open your mouth. Whether it's someone on the street you weren't expecting to meet or somebody you've known for years, always open your mouth and share a message or a thoughtful gesture centered on the gospel.

Love you all,

Elder Montgomery


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